About Sitec

Welcome to Sitec, where S and T stand for Science and Technology and we rely on both to bring your web application ideas to life. As a small but dynamic web development team, we bring our expertise and creativity to every project, delivering customized digital solutions that help startups and businesses reach new levels of success.

At Sitec, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with developing advanced web applications. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, goals, and vision, so that we can create a solution that truly fits their business and sets them apart from the competition.

We stay on the cutting edge of web development technology and industry trends, so that we can bring you the most advanced and innovative solutions. Our approach is simple: we work hard, have fun, and never settle for mediocrity.

So let's turn your web application ideas into a reality. Get in touch with us today to see what Sitec can do for your business.


Saša Tatar - Civil engineer working as a software developer. Has superficial knowledge about many things, bad at remembering anything that can be easily googled. Passionate about science and technology. Always learning something new.

Igor Vukić - His finance background brings a precise and detail-oriented approach to web development, like managing a financial portfolio. With Igor on the team, we're confident that every web application we build will be a wise investment for our clients, delivering strong results and long-term success.


With the following technologies we feel the most at home: Javascript, Typescript, React, Vue, Astro, NodeJs, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Tailwind. But aside from those, we are always learning something new.

typescript react vue astro nodejs postgresql graphql tailwind


We are proud to have worked with a variety of industries to develop custom web applications. From fintech to telecommunications, education to crypto trading, we've had the opportunity to work with clients from different fields and assist them in realizing their visions.

Contact us

If you have a project idea or would like to join our team, drop us a line at info@sitec.dev.